deadly alive.

it's been 3 years, i know.
also, no one cares, i know too.
but there'd been so many changes since the past few years.
i've change a lot,
my surrounding does too.

looking at all these fetus blog is so depressing because i know i can't be able to turn back the time, when it were all easier and happier.

when life is much more simpler and not as complicated as know.

and i know, even from the moment i write this, there will be many more to come.

life is hard, there's pain, tears, smiles.

but i always remember.

one day i'll be dead,

none of this will ever matter anymore.

i don't know why i decided to write this, but some things just makes me super emo.




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Allah Selamatkan Kamu,
Allah Selamatkan Kamu,
Allah Selamatkan Ki Saya :),
Allah Selamatkan Kamu.

Nyanyi punya nyanyi ..
cerita pasal besday ..setiap hari pasti aje ade bayi yang lahir kan ?

Sebelum tu , tengok gambar ni ..

Bacalah .. sedih kan.. SADIS . Kenapalah dia sanggup buat camtu ? Kesian baby tu ...

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